What additional clothes do I need for dance class during winter?

It’s important for your muscles to be warm before class, especially during winter months. Stretchy yoga pants or sweats are perfect to wear over tights and bodysuit, along with a cozy hoodie, sweater or school jacket. Arm sleeves are a great idea for bare arms, and help to accentuate arm movements. Warmup knee socks are common to help warm the calf muscles before stretching begins, and a cozy pair of slippers over dance shoes not only keep the dance shoes clean, but feet warm as well. It won’t take long for you to toss the warmup clothes after a few minutes of the class warm-up.

Between classes it’s important to keep your muscles warm. A muscle that cools contracts, and can be easily injured when you start your next class.

Your muscles are your tools, and you need to look after them. Stay warm as you head home in winter weather, and once home enjoy a warm epson salt bath to relax and remove any perspiration from class. Perfect time for a relaxing stretch afterwards to maintain your flexibility.