Children Dance Classes Collingwood

Look no further than Collingwood’s oldest School of Dance. Fleet-Wood Dancentre,

It’s a known fact that children will move to music before they can speak or walk.    It’s a human thing to do, move to music… and for some, it’s their most happy place to be giving them a release to express their love of moving to music.

Classes are offered from 2 years of age, where the gross motor skills of walking, marching, running, spinning, crawling, and turning, are nurtured and enhanced with rhythm instruments, bells,  song and dance routines, hula hoops, scarves, balls, and more,  all to Disney favorites.   Little dancers can sing along with their teacher while exploring their natural ability to pretend to “creep”, “sneak” “slide”, “spin”, “turn”, “jump” and more!  Moving to music is what it is about!