Collingwood has a School of Dance called Fleet-Wood Dancentre, the oldest School of Dance in Collingwood established in 1994 by Sharron Fleet and Jane Wooding.

The Mandate of the School is to offer dance training to prepare dancers for post-secondary training at the University and College level, and to that end Fleet-Wood was awarded the Inaugural “Arts and Culture Award” for doing just that.

The School of Dance in Collingwood offers three streams of training for aspiring dancers.

The Recreation Stream :  an entry-level group of classes where students can try ballet, hip hop, jazz, Acro, and tap.   Young people aged 2 can try a class called “Tiny Tots” where dance movement is coupled to gross motor movements of spinning, jumping, rolling, marching, and rhythm games.   At 3 and 4 years they enter the Kinderdance program where galloping and emerging skipping is added to a rich variety of children’s music.   Song and dance routines add expression and musicality.    Pre-ballet jazz is for 5 & 6-year-olds where dancers are introduced to beginner ballet and jazz positions, and movements. Once 7 years to 13 dancers can choose their favorite style from ballet, hip hop, jazz, Acro, and tap.

A Stream: a serious study of dance, where students train more than once a week in Cecchetti Ballet, jazz, and modern.   These classes are designed for the student who craves details and learns quickly, wanting more and more.    These students can also look forward to performing every two years a full production of The Nutcracker, staged in Meaford at Meaford Hall.  Dancers will learn all the different roles as they pass their years at Fleet-Wood.   Additionally, they perform mini Nutcracker ballets every December in the windows of Historic Collingwood businesses.

Students can also prepare for ballet exams with The Cecchetti Society of Canada.   

Comp Stream:  An additional set of classes in addition to the A Stream classes, so even more commitment is required.     Fleet-Wood’s Competition Team enjoys participating in three competitions every year.     Two at Blue Mountain and one at Allison.    Dancers enter a variety of categories including ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, Musical Theatre, Tap, and Production. Group dances, solos, duets and trios.    Always a lot of fun and a rewarding experience for the dancers.

Year End Recital Performance:  A celebration performance of all students at Meaford Hall which showcases all dancers’ work and achievements.