Dance classes for 3 and 4-year-olds in Collingwood, are held at Fleet-Wood Dancentre

Dance Classes for little people at Fleet-Wood were developed by Sharron Fleet,  who has taught dancers for over 50 years!  Her experience over this span of time is noteworthy, full of knowledge, experience and results.  She was awarded the Inaugural Arts and Culture Award Collingwood, for her achievements.

2 year old.

For two and three-year-olds the key is to work with gross motor skills, crawling, walking, marching, running, spinning, and jumping coupled with their innate imagination.  Add in music they are familiar with, Disney Musicals,  musical instruments, drums, sticks, bells, scarves, jumping tools, and hula hoops, to engage their attention and introduce dance movement with music.   Using familiar music to sing along and repeat movements provides growth and results.

3 year old Dancers who are 3 and 4 thrive on repetition.  They will quickly correct you if you deviate from the norm and expect and delight in mimicking the routines of the class.

Having a set routine works to everyone’s favor.  Little ones feel safe and secure when they come to the studio and find they get to repeat a similar routine to the week before.  The teddy bears are waiting for them to pick up and dance with.   Following the opening dance,  the teddy bears are placed on the side of the studio where their job is to watch the dancers dance with hula hoops, scarves and drums.

Little people need the freedom to express themselves while delighting in achieving set routines and movements.  Fleet-Wood classes contain all of these ingredients with dancers achieving and growing through the many levels of dance training.   For some it becomes a life skill routine carried through adulthood, including many life memories of performances and achievements.  The routine of weekly classes, goals, achievements culminating in a year-end performance or competition.